Hypomelanistic Bull Snakes
Pituophis melanoleucus sayi

Original Male Bull


Ultra Hypo Bull Snake


The story behind these is kind of neat. Over the years in working with the Trumbower lines of bulls, when we were working with some of the different hets for this and that. We noticed that every once in a while rather unexpectedly we would get a T + looking little guy. I think over the years we have probably seen 6 or 8 of them. In any case in 2004 I decided to keep one and raise him up to see what it would look like as an adult. He matured into albino looking snake with all the yellows and reds of an albino, but with black eyes. In 2007 he was old enough to breed and I bred him to two huge female normal's that were het for albino expecting to get het's. Not the case we got 17 eggs and 11 of them were like the above pictured animal. Black eyes and this ultra hypo look. As they mature they are getting more and more yellow. I kept most of them and will use them in future breeding tests to determine exactly what we have here. I think it is a new gene, but only time will tell.   I will sell a few to other folks that are interested in working with the breeding test that are needed.


Males - 350.00 ea.

Females - 300.00 ea.